Life in the year 2008 is anything but steady.  We multi-task while we walk, talk and drive.  We listen to music, watch TV and read magazines all while running on a treadmill at the gym.  Everything in the media is flashier, shorter, louder, and brighter just to grab our attention, never mind hold onto it.

 And we add to this white noise chaos by putting ourselves out there, 24/7.  We post daily – no, hourly – updates on our Facebook page.  We upload pictures online we would normally keep hidden safe in a drawer.  We DVR reality programs that spy on people in their homes. 

And we post blogs. 🙂

I realized that both of the elements described above are not necessarily bad things.  They are just a part of life today.  Accept it.  Get over it.  It will be different in 5 years, but for now, let’s embrace it!

Therefore, I give you “A Sundry Anthology.”  It’s a place where I will share moments of my day, from fascinating articles, to funny photos, to musings on commuting into Boston, to rants about the current state of politics.  Life is miscellaneous and random, but that’s what makes it interesting. 

I hope you enjoy this endeavor.  I encourage you to read, comment, join in my rant, agree with me, take an opposing view, suggest blog topics, etc.  (And most of all, live each day with a song on the brain and a smile on your face.  :D)