Looking for something mindless and entertaining during primary coverage commercial breaks?  Missing the silly basic humor among all the “where’s the punchline” Super Bowl commercials now floating around YouTube?  Look no further than:


A classic favorite from years back, I had almost forgotten about Homestar Runner, Strong Bad and crew.  But over the weekend I pulled out my UMASS sweatshirt and my Homestar Runner hoodie fell out of the closet from the back of the shelf, and I remembered the good old days of Internet humor.  Curious to see if things had changed in the 5 (!) years since I had last visited the site, I went back to it recently with some trepidation.  Low and behold, everything was the same!  Down to the cheesy sketch drawing/Flash shorts of Teen Girl Squad, everything was just as I had left it.  If you have not seen this page before, I definitely recommend it.  Give it a chance and a few views – at first it seems weird, childish, and slightly bizarre.  But after a few visits I can guarantee at least a chuckle.  And in a time where things seem to do nothing but change, and good things don’t always seem to last, it’s nice to have the diamond in the rough to hold onto.