I started this blog post on my MySpace blog (http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog&Mytoken=0203F53F-0486-41C5-A5C4E94869BD32E723427454my).  I love the random format.  It reminds me of the scattered little tender moments that appear in our day in no particular order.  And I love how thinking of the list makes me take a moment to ponder all the things that make me smile.  So often we end the day reflecting on all the negative parts of our day.  But what if we take 5 minutes a day to reflect on the things that make us happy?  I think there would be a lot more half full glasses on the bar.  That’s what these “Whee!” blogs represent for me – not just a shout-out to the people currently crossing my path, but a reminder to myself that there’s always a silver lining.  (Ugh, my sincere apologies for the cliches; I think I’ve been watching too many sitcoms!)

Here we go!

Current Faves of the Moment:
(in no particular order)

-Jordin Sparks -“Freeze”
-The DVD highlights of Christina Aguilera’s recent tour (almost as good on TV as it was in person)
-Biographies of mid-century TV stars
-Emailing a joke or phrase to Abby at the exact same moment that she sends the same exact thing
-Brownies from Sebastians, mmhm mmhm good
-The ending of the WGA strike, yea!
-New episodes of Project Runway, especially getting to listen to Christian run around yelling “fierce!” everywhere
-Daniel Holloway’s daily “The Word” column in the Boston Metro (http://www.metrobostonnews.com/us/article/2008/02/13/01/3019-66/index.xml)
-Silly emails with emoticons from Ian
-Getting new books
-Cuddling up against Mark on the couch
-Dan Santow’s WordWise blog (http://wordwise.typepad.com/)
-Lazy hangover Sunday’s at Steve and Cristina’s
-Texting Cordie random jokes from our past jokes (“Rick the Temp!”, Spice Girls song quotes . . .)
-When Lucy greets me at Mom’s
-Finding out that Carly Smithson on American Idol (the Irish one) is the SAME PERSON as Carly Hennessy. who had the hit song that I loved in 2001 called “I’m Gonna Blow Your Mind” but then disappeared from the scene (random music trivia – the song was produced by none other than Gregg Alexander, of the New Radicals . . . you know their hit, “You Only Get What You Give”)
-Celebrating holidays
-Watching old home videso & then leaving Kate voicemails referencing forgotten jokes: “A catcher’s mitt,” “Why DOES the trash smell so bad,” the Pure Moods discussion, 40 ounces out on the porch . . .
-Finding out about cool new social media sites
-Baskin-Robbins’ super cute Valentine’s Day “Sweetheart” cake (http://baskin-robbins.com/Spotlight/valentinesday08.aspx)
-When I’m sore after a gym workout; it means it’s working!
-Letting loose in Sharper Image with Ryan and Mark.  Testing out the chairs, crashing airplanes into everything in the store, and trying not to laugh at the people riding the store’s latest horseback riding simulation machine
-The irony of Amy Winehouse performing for the Grammy’s her award-winning song “Rehab” . . . from rehab
-Manicures that last more than 2 days
-Kate Morton’s “The House at Riverton”
-Weekend dining with Mark, Colleen, Todd, Jeff and Melyssa
-Smoking Loon’s Cabernet Sauvignon
-Mark’s always entertaining updates to my to-do lists
-Getting the new US Weekly in the mail
-Finding Anchor Steam on tap the Abington Ale House – and getting a free Anchor Steam glass for drinking it, too!
-Paramore – “Miracle”

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
“Feelin great because the light’s on me
Celebrating the things that everyone told me…
Working with what I got, I gotta keep on
Taking care of myself…
Don’t worry bout who’s saying what
It’s gonna be fine
Work what you got…
Girl don’t hold back
You just be yourself…”
(mary j. blige, “work that”)
* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *