Thanks to the most recent issue of the Improper Bostonian, I have found a new addiction.  Football season is over, the working-again TV writers still have a while until they launch their new episodes, and it’s been nothing but reality TV to watch on my nightly treadmill runs.  The Improper gives props to a site that is the perfect fix and blending of all of the above:

It’s easy to get started – create a username, make up a team name, and join an existing league or create a new one.  Then, pick your reality show of choice (currently airing, of course), and let the fun begin.  Instead of picking the winners for each show, though, the catch is that you pick the losers.  The more times you correctly guess who gets kicked off each week, the more points you gain, and the higher your ranking.  It’s an ideal way to become a part of a community and to realize that your unexplainable desire to watch American Idol doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a squealing, girly mess of a Clay Aikin-ite.

(NOTE: If you sign up, make sure to join my fahhbulous Team Fierce and join the countdown to the finale as Project Runway unravels . . .) 🙂