This is kind of like a Whee! post, only a little more random and a little less structured (and anyway, isn’t one of the highlights of this blog is that it IS random?).  It’s kind of like, this is what I’m following and thinking of right now (“hey, it’s your tomorrow…”  Ok that’s enough Van Halen for one night).  It’s kind of like the “Right Now” portion of the program on Boston’s morning show on KISS 108, except with less rants and depressing life updates.  It’s more, what’s around me in my environment and influencing me at this moment. I want to know – what’s on your mind?  What are you watching right now?  What are you reading, eating, looking at, laughing at, concerned about, thinking about?   Here’s mine: 

  • Watching the Democratic debate on MSNBC, and all I can say is that every time Obama speaks, Hilary glares at him with these daggers shooting out of her eyes.  This is the kind of look that made Bill run towards Linda Tripp.  [Disclaimer: I am in no way trying to endorse any political candidate.  I just think it’s really funny.  Watch them the next time they’re next to each other – guarantee she’ll do it!]
  • I really want Christian to win Project Runway.

  • I’m so sore from the gym last night.  I decided to take a chance and take the “Old School Step” class, where I feared what sort of moves I would hopelessly imitate to an old Ginuwine song, but turns out it was an actual step class.  First good thing.  Then, the instructor didn’t show up, but they sent in a replacement, a guy named Craig who taught us kickboxing instead and whipped our shabby butts into shape.  It was awesome.  I am hurting today but proud of how far I made it.  Sometimes you need that outside influence to kick your butt . . . hence why I am pretending it’s ok to watch Biggest Loser tonight, too.
  • I’m reading Mary McNamara’s new book, “Oscar Season.”


  • I read this article in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, on the graffiti artist Krink.  Basically, he had this graffiti tagging style in the 80s where he would fabricate a marker out of stolen school materials (erasers, etc.) and leave his mark with a distinctive dripping style tag.  Fast forward 15 years, and he’s no longer a graffiti artist, but his pen is now being mass marketed since, as the article states, “graffiti aesthetic” is cool again.  How crazy!
  • I am still listening to Jordin Sparks’ “Freeze” on repeat.  But lately I’ve been on a Tori Amos, Shakira, and old Bonnie Raitt kick, too.  Go figure.
  • I think it’s wonderful when a guy holds a door open for me.  Only happens in Boston.  However, I hate when I try to hold the next door open for him, to return the favor, and he insists on not going in and keeps saying, “No, ladies first.”  And then gets mad at me.  I am only returning a kind gesture – I don’t want to be treated differently simply because I’m a woman!  I appreciate his offer, but why won’t he accept a favor in return?  Let him hold the door open because he wants to treat someone nicely, not because some old custom tells him to.
  • These bags rock.  Ok, so I’m biased because I own one, and the artist has been one of my best friends since before birth (our mothers have been best friends since high school).  Nonetheless, I would still be amazed at the incredible work she does.  And she does custom designs, too!  You can’t lose.

This is the one I own
(this is the one I own)

  • Is anyone watching Quarterlife?  What do you think?
  • Marion Cotillard was the cutest thing ever when she accepted her Oscar.  In the press room afterward, she apparently said she felt like she was all excited, like “fireworks, like boom! Boom! Boom!”  Adorable!

 Here’s to the week being that much closer to Friday.  I’m helping Abby move to Newton this weekend, so maybe I’ll see if Craig is teaching another class before then to stay in shape . . . oh and I’m going to my first Bruins game this season on Thursday!  It’s a nice way to roll into Friday.