Oy, it’s been a while since I’ve written.  But I’ve been busy.  Here’s a quick recap of where I was for some time this month:

We started off May in Newport, RI, to watch Jo and Darrell tie the knot on the water.  It was cold out, but once we all got dancing inside, it was anything but!

Then it’s off to Florida one week later.  Tim and Jennie became Mr. and Mrs. Harris on the Carnival Victory cruise in port in Miami.  Then we were off into the Caribbean!

Tim and Jennie cut the cake in the fastest ceremony in history!

We arrived in San Juan first:

Mark and me in front of the ship in Puerto Rico

Not a huge fan of the area, but I did get some of my favorite shots while we were there:




Group shot! Brenda, Ben, Tim, Jennie, Mark and me get cozy in a courtyard restaurant

Then we were St. Thomas bound.  They drive on the left side of the road there, but the steering wheels are on the right side.  Go figure, mon.

This made us not miss the dirty water that us Bostonites love so much

Then we were whisked off to St. Maarten, where we took a bumpy cab ride from the Dutch side over to the beaches of the French side.  Mark and I went for a ride on a jet ski (!), and then it was time for lunch on the beach with the rest of the group.

The colors were fantastic! Note – this is only a few feet from the nude beach…

Back at port, we were up against a larger Royal Caribbean ship to see who would leave first.  They won, but I scored with this awesome pic:

Back into the bluest water you’ve ever seen!

Then we headed back to Miami.  Along the way there was a lot of karaoke, some hot sun, a few rocky hours, multiple slices of 3 AM pizza, 2 sets of live music in the casino which both included “Sexbomb,” way too much live calypso, a surprise bouquet of roses delivered to me by Mark (awww), 6 soft serve cones, 2 monkey cocount drinks that convert into banks, a dash of Gloria Estefan shimmying, and too many rolls to count delivered by Bagus and Jose.

We got dressed up one night – man, we clean up good!

Looking down from Deck 7 (our floor) onto the bar on the 3rd deck…where’s Mrs. Mac?!

So there’s the trip in a nutshell.  I think we knew the moment we were on vacation was when Mark and I were paying for lunch on St. Thomas with a traveler’s check.  We had to put the date on the check, and he looked at me and said, “Um, do you know what today’s date is?”  And I went to answer . . . but I couldn’t even remember which day of the week it was.  So that was a nice moment.

A special wedding congratulations to Jo and Darrell on their May 3rd nuptials!  And congrats to Jennie and Tim for their happy moment on May 11th.  A thanks to the crew of the Victory ship, especially Jose, Bagus, our room stewardess, Malcolm Barnes (whoohoo!), and my masseuse, for keeping us all sane so far from dry land.  And a VERY special thanks to the 26 people in our Carnival group who made the trip so awesome, especially Jennie, Tim, Ben, Brenda, Tim B, Stacy, Chris ([ahem!] Goat), and Kelly. 

Which photo is your favorite?