Today I got to live the life of a celebrity!

Well, ok, that’s a little bit of an exaggeration . . . ok, a lot of an exaggeration.  But I at least got to experience my 15 minutes of fame, and as a true Leo, I soaked up each minute.

I was in a major newspaper!

Yup, that’s my book review in the Boston Metro today.  I joined the Metro Life Panel’s Book Club about a month ago.  I picked my top choice out of their 5 selections for June.  I was one of the readers chosen, so they sent me a copy of my book (too cool! yea for free books!), which arrived really fast.  I read the book, The Sugar Queen, which was-thank goodness-a great book.

Then, I got an email last week.  If I wanted to be published in the paper today, I simply had to send in a quick review with a photo.  Whoo hoo!  So I wrote up a brief review, sent in a photo (courtesy of the Schneider Associates holiday photo shoot of 2007), and anxiously waited.

This morning I practically ran to the Metro box at the train station and frantically flipped through the pages.  And there it was, on page 12.  I almost turned to the woman next to me to shout, “It’s me!” but I (thankfully) held back.

The rest of the day I got emails and comments from friends and colleagues who had seen the article.  “You’re famous!”  “You’re a star!”  “I turned to my boyfriend and said, ‘I know her!'”  It’s really amazing what a few pixels on a piece of newsprint can do.

So let that be a lesson, kids – it DOES pay off to be a bookworm!  This is to all the naysayers who say reading is nerdy and stupid. 🙂  First stop, Metro Boston.  Next stop, Hollywood here I come!