In the hit Broadway musical “Into the Woods,” the Baker’s Wife (yes, that is her name in the show) has a wild tryst with a Prince in the woods.  Afterwards, she can’t get over the shock of the amazing thing that just occured to her and she gets caught up in the magic of the moment.  She sings,

Just a moment,
One peculiar passing moment…
Oh, if life were made of moments,
Even now and then a bad one-!
But if life were only moments,
Then you’d never know you had one…”

I love the second a good moment hits you.  You have this flash of realization and suddenly whatever you just heard, saw, touched, tasted or smelled sent a lightning bolt of joy throughout your body.  It only lasts a second and then it’s gone, but in that fleeting moment, you are truly happy.

I wanted to share a list of some of the moments in my life that make me happy.  This is a little different from the “Whee!” posts we all know and love – these are not specific things I’ve recently experienced, but things that have come up frequently over time.



So in no particular order, here are my moments:


  • When a Spice Girls song randomly comes onto my iPod that I forgot was even on the playlist
  • Receiving a Starbucks gift card
  • Walking out of South Station in the morning and being warmed with a sudden burst of sunshine
  • The look on the face of someone the minute they win something – sport team players (ahem, Celtics!), American Idol winners (love that David Cook), any of the numerous dance shows on TV
  • When I walk out of a bookstore with a brand new book
  • When my cell phone beeps with a random text from Mark
  • Waking up on a Friday morning with plans for the evening
  • When I finally relax in the midst of a manicure or pedicureOPI Manicure
  • Laughing at an old joke with Kate, or Abby, or Di, or Cess, or Dan, or Katie…
  • My birthday, all moments, all day, each year
  • That moment during my annual holiday cookie baking party when I look around and realize everyone is laughing and talking and singing and having a fabulous time
  • When I find someone on Facebook and realize we haven’t spoken in ages
  • Opening the mailbox and finding an unexpected card or a new magazine
  • When I scan the local upcoming concert list on Pollstar and find my favorite band just booked a gig in town
  • When someone makes me laugh
  • When I look out the train window and the landscape naturally forms a perfect photograph for that brief moment
  • When I get a rush of affection for my family or Mark
  • The moment I look in the mirror on a good day and realize those hours on the treadmill do pay off
  • Taking the first bite of a piece of chocolate or a cookie after I’ve been craving it all day
  • The moment at a friend’s wedding when they both say I do and realizing how truly in love they are
  • When an old favorite tune comes on at a restaurant or at the food store and I realize how incomplete my life would be without music  Chocolate

What’s your moment?