Alex Beam of the Boston Globe published an article in yesterday’s paper about the uselessness of Twitter.  I don’t know the backstory behind that assignment.  I wish I did.  As an avid Twitter user, it would help me understand better where he was coming from so I could react appropriately.

However, without that background, I was saddened by his quick brush-off of a medium that is pushing consumer journalism into a new era at a rapid pace.  (Or maybe that was his goal – to maintain print journalism’s relevancy by brushing off Twitter as a fad for teens.) 

I was also highly amused by his reflection that only teens use the site – at 27, I feel like one of the youngest users on the social network!

Sooz had a great post summing up the article on her blog – be sure to check it out.

See what Twitterverse has to say about it.  What’s your reaction to the article?