I am still super exhausted from a long (but fun!) weekend at home on Long Island/New York City, so this week’s intro is short.

There it was! 🙂

CULTURALLY SPEAKING, for October 14, 2008:

  • Tired of the sad little apples in Stop & Shop?  Pick your own fresh Mac’s and Granny Smith’s by finding a nearby farm in MA from this extensive yet easy to read list
  • There’s hope yet!  Massive grant issued in LA to save non-profit theatre and dance productions
  • Check out this super cool video and watch how women in art change over time (thanks, Abby!)
  • News to make your 90s alternative rock self all shiny happy (people) – Butch Vig is confirmed to be working on Green Day’s new album
  • We all need a good laugh, so enjoy the newly released Mitch Hedberg CD (the last recorded material before his too-soon passing)
  • Fan of Mad Men?  See the real-life inspiration from the days when Santa Claus pushed smokes at this exhibit in NYC

Don’t forget to register to vote!  Tomorrow is the last day for MA residents if you haven’t registered yet…get to it!