My sincerest apologies for being so delayed with my weekly Culturally Speaking blog posts.  I’ve been in Las Vegas for a few days for work at the AAPEX & SEMA shows and just came back on the red eye this morning.  Between show/travel prep and Halloween last week (and our subsequent office party), the free moments I had were few and far between!  So I’m sorry for the missing posts but I promise I’ll be back on track next week.

I had never been to Las Vegas before and it was quite an interesting experience.  In my short time there, our country gained a new President (the first African-American president at that) and I learned that they never tell you how much walking is required in Sin City!  Also, even though I’m from New York, I really think that Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps.  (Probably because you never have an idea of what time it is!)

So next Tuesday we’ll be back to the usual posts.  Happy November!