This past Saturday we were thisclose to going to our first bridal show together.  And then we thought – wait a minute, we haven’t picked a date or venue yet!  So we took the afternoon instead to visit a few venues that are on our list to figure out those key elements first before looking at cake and floral vendors.

And then afterwards, we spent over 4 hours at the British Beer Company in Dedham (with the best waitress ever), poring over each wedding package from the different venues and comparing minute details.  Seriously, like, continuous napkin folding versus non-continuous…ugh.

But I think we’ve narrowed down the place.

AND! (drumroll) We’ve set the date!

May 15, 2010.

Get it on your calendars now.  We are getting married on May 15, 2010.  On that day I will go from Miss K to Mrs. D.  Kinda crazy.

Once the venue is confirmed, we’ll be sharing all the details, don’t worry!