Oh, my dearest apologies for not writing sooner! It’s been a busy few weeks.

Here are some wedding updates:

credit: whitneyandbrycewedding.wordpress.com
  • We booked the venue! On Saturday, we submitted our deposit and contract for our May 15, 2010 wedding location. It is [drumroll please] the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, MA. We’ll be having the ceremony and reception all in one place; plus, the convenience of a hotel locale will be oh-so-handy for our many out of town guests. [If you go to the web site, please note that they’ve since renovated and haven’t been able to update the photos yet.]
  • We’ve started putting together the MOST important part of the event: the music playlist! Haha. We’ve started looking at DJ’s as booking the entertainment is the next priority on the list.
  • We’ve chosen the color scheme! I guess you would call it plum wine and chartreuse (aka lilac/purple and pale green). We’re still playing around with the many shades of the colors but now we can really start to get other elements together…
  • …like the stationery and icon themes. Man, it is SO hard to come up with the overall scheme. I want modern, but now vintage is looking like a lot of fun, too. And picking an icon is so hard.

Slowly but surely we are tackling some of the other elements, bit by bit … Mom and I are going dress shopping soon, so if you have any suggested bridal shops in the Boston area (north or south shore), please let me know!

On a side note, it is very difficult to plan a cheery, warm spring wedding when it is snowing out – again! [Sigh] My only hope is that the endless snow this year will pave the way for a very nice summer.

And don’t forget – only 16 days until St. Patrick’s Day! Start getting your green in order.

Since it’s the first day of March, it’s fun to look at the month ahead to all the great things coming up. I’m excited about getting the DJ for the wedding, warmer weather, No Doubt tickets on sale this Saturday, more sunshine each day, and the many birthdays of this month that will be a blast to celebrate. What are YOU most looking forward to this month?