April 2009

In no particular order…


”]Similar to my bedside table right now [courtesy of secondhandnation.typepad.com]
  • Febreze (my post-workout savior)
  • Red pepper hummus and toasted pita for lunch
  • The front-of-train conductor on the 6:55 Middleborough/Lakeville train out of South Station – my new best friend with a smile at the end of a long day
  • Marissa’s hip-hop abs class on Saturdays at the WorkOut World in Brockton – almost makes me want to go out clubbing on Long Island again.  Almost.  (“Big pimping down at Zachary’s” – oh, the memories…)
  • FindtheLookKeeptheLook.com (my co-workers’ awesome site for our Woolite client.  Oh yeah, and you can win things like a new wardrobe from hot boutiques around the country or a private consultation from Stacy London.  Wish I could enter!!)
  • Knowing I can check off “buy wedding dress” from all those magazine checklists!
  • Saturday mornings
  • 90s boyband flashback moments – ‘NSync (No Strings Attached), Backstreet Boys (Millennium), 5ive…you may laugh, but that stuff gets you moving!
  • Delicious brunch on Sundays
  • Laughing so hard my face hurts (like at Mr. G’s party this past weekend)
  • Tons of new magazines in my mailbox (thank you, frequent flyer mile redemption programs!)
  • Thisclose to launching an amazing new product for one of our clients this year
  • The pink Barbie Mini Cooper limo…with Jacuzzi in the back.  AND Barbie dolls in the ceiling.  AND a Barbie dance floor.  Bachelorette party, here we come! {special thanks to Cordie for finding that one}
  • My slew of weekly TV shows – Saving Grace, Biggest Loser, American Idol, Trust Me, Bones, The Office, My Boys (yea, it’s back!), The Soup, Kitchen Nightmares…
  • Our Wii Fit
  • Countdown to Ecuador – T minus 4 months til Steve and Cristina’s wedding (again)!
  • Easter candy on sale next Monday
  • Mindy Weiss’ wedding blog
  • Seeing Live, live.  I’ve seen them do at least 7 shows over the past 12 years…always a good time


  • This rain.  Ugh.
  • Abundance of Twitter EVERYWHERE.  Making me enjoy it less.  (Although now FINALLY my friends know what I’ve been talking about for a year and a half…)
  • Countdown to Ecuador – you mean I have to fit into a bikini in 4 months???!
  • Only 24 hours in a day
  • Finding a wedding photographer
  • Picture day at the office tomorrow – until I can get these wisdom teeth out, my smile is just … ugh, yeah
  • When the MBCR just decides to cancel my train at last minute, like this morning
  • Octomom.  So sick of it now!!

Wow, I can’t believe we already this far into April!  So crazy.  Our wedding is 13 months away!  Sounds like we’ve still got a while, but believe me, time flies.

Hope you have an amazing Passover/Easter.  Question of the week – what’s your favorite Easter candy?

vintage Easter bunny


So my computer crashed and that’s why I didn’t post for a while.  Here’s a quick update on the biggest news from the past few weeks:



Last Saturday I went with my Mom and Diana, one of my bridesmaids, to David’s Bridal in Dedham.  We thought we’d browse for about an hour and then maybe have a nice lunch together.

Fast forward 3 hours.

We’re at the register and a purchase is being made.

It was unexpected, exhausting, and exciting.  It was a lot of fun and I had a blast testing out every dress I tried on to see if it passed the “I can totally dance my butt off in this” test.  We had a few top contenders, but the one I kept going back to…well, it has everything I’ve been looking for in a dress.  What’s funny is that I came home and went through some of the clippings I’ve pulled from those wonderfully additive yet overpriced bridal mags – and the dresses I had earmarked were all almost identical to the one I chose.

Let me tell you, it was a tough process.  I had moments of self-consciousness (“what do you mean, I’m not a 2 in this dress?”), and I definitely will need to drop those 5 pounds by next May.  However, it’s a relief to know this step is over!

I’d paste a photo for you, but I can’t spoil it for my groom. =)  Trust me, though – it’ll be a knockout.

Not my dress

Not my dress