• One year and four days until the wedding!!  We are going to the Holiday Inn in Mansfield and staying in one of the suites to help kick off the (pre?) anniversary
  • Happy belated to my Mom, and Happy Day-After Mother’s Day to all those mothers out there!
  • Cannot wait for some big season finales this week – Kitchen Nightmares, Bones, just to name a few….
  • This is a useful article
  • Pre-congrats to my sister Cordie, who graduates college next week.  I am so proud of her!!  She also was awarded a teaching fellowship in New York, bravo!  (Brava?)
  • And this slideshow is amazing eye candy
  • One year ago today Jennie and Tim were married (congrats! and belated congrats to Jo and Darrell!) and we were cruising in the Caribbean [fun fact – I took the photo in this blog header on that cruise]
  • I’m jonesin’ for new jeans, sunglasses, a new watch, and a spring coat

Have a lovely Tuesday. =)