December 2009

I can’t believe the 2000’s are almost over.  Remember the “panic” of Y2K?  Seems like ages ago … and eerily, it was!

New Year’s Eve 1999 was 10 years ago.  I was trying to think back to where I was then:

I was in the middle of my freshman year of college.  Didn’t know where I was headed after graduation, but I think at the time was gearing up for a career in radio (I was a Communications major).  We had a big group party at my friend Felix’s house on Long Island.

It was a blast.  We played a board game version of Family Feud and lots of rounds of Twister.  We met Sterling, thanks to Jen Ro.  Kate and Pakalika at one point donned a witch wig found in Felix’s house and sang to a song from Rocky Horror Picture Show.  At one point I climbed out the first floor guest room window and dashed out into the snow to dance around with my friends and demand piggybacks (I was in a funny stage).

I remember waking up on January 1, 2000 still in my black poufy Jessica McClintock prom skirt I was wearing the night before (after prom, I insisted on getting my money’s worth and wearing it to every New Year’s party for a couple of years).  I still had some tinsel and glitter in my hair, and someone had written “Hi Mem” on my arm (thanks Kate, I think it was you…).

And I remember thinking, now what?

I was in such a different place than I am now.  Ten years ago I wasn’t in a relationship, still called Long Island my hometown, and felt like I had thousands of years ahead of me until I became an adult.

Now fast forward ten years.  I won’t even begin to go into the many changes since New Year’s 1999, but I can tell you that had you told me ten years ago (heck, even five years ago!) that I’d be where I am now, I would’ve laughed at you. 

But I’m here.

And I love it.

2010 starts off with me loving my PR job in Boston and only five months shy of my wedding to the most amazing guy.  2010 kicks off the beginning of our life together, a whole new chapter in my life that will lead to even more wonderful chapters – our first house together, kids, etc …

When I look back at the 2000’s, I see a lot of happy times.  But I see a lot of sad times, too.  I see a lot of lonely times, and frustrating times.  I went through a lot of guy hell through the 2000’s.  And it’s finally time to close that chapter on my life for good.  I’ve found happiness, and I’m not looking back.

Billboard recently released the top one hit wonders of the past decade.  It made me start to think about what song I would use to sum up the 2000’s for me.  But I can’t.  There’s too many songs that might fit.

However, I feel like this song is a good indicator of where I am now.  See ya later, 2000’s – I’m ready for the next step. 🙂


I *love* this cover.

I love everything about her outfit – the top, the jeans, the shoes (naturally, since they’re Christian Louboutins).  I love her hair, I love how her eyes sparkle, I love how comfortable and casual and happy she looks.

Back to the shoes … I have developed a strange obsession with Christian Louboutins (or CLs, as they’re known in some fashion circles).  I decided a few months ago I was going to have a pair for my wedding in May.  I was intrigued by the magic, the mysticism, the height, how the styles were oh-so-cute and fun and funky.

After hunting around ebay, I realized I needed to find out my size.  So I went to Neiman Marcus to try a few pairs


 on.  I was with my Mom, we had just spent hours searching for her MOTB dress, and my friend Cristina was waiting to meet up with me.  Needless to say, I didn’t feel like I had much time.  And eyeing the price tags made me nervous – pretty deflated my dream, to be precise.  First, the sandals seemed a little small … and then I tried a pair of black Very Prive platform heels on. 

I totally got it.  I cannot explain the power, the magic, the beauty … even though the heels were 4 inches, they were super comfy and sturdy.  I felt strong and powerful and beautiful.  It was Superwoman condensed into one teeny tiny heel.

And I knew.  I had to have a pair.

And now I’m on the hunt.  It’s been tricky & time consuming & I’ve had tons of close calls … I’ve relegated myself to ebay.  Buying them full price is too much (and ridiculous, to be honest).  The fakes are still pricey, and even the sale price on sites like Net-a-Porter are still out of my range.  So to ebay I go.

“They will be mine.  Oh yes, they will be mine.”

What’s your current fashion obsession?

P.S. Bonus points for anyone who can name the two artists who belong to the two song titles in this post’s title. 🙂

P.S. S. My size in CLs is a 38 …

Random notes for the evening:

  • I got a fantastic email from Rachel Platten last night thanking me for a review of a show I saw her perform at in April with Lucy Woodward and Toby Lightman.  Awesome.  It reminded me how much I miss going to shows (at one point I was seeing 1 – 2 concerts a week!).  And how cool musicians who appreciate fans are.  Time to tap the new music again, soon.  And thank you Rachel and Toby for seeking me out. =)
  • Also, Rachel is playing tomorrow night around 9/9:30 at Cafe 939 on Boylston in Boston.  You should go.  Seriously.
  • Glee, I love ya.  But I feel like next week’s season finale (Wednesday at 9 p.m. on FOX) is going to leave us all hanging and leave me very, very mad because of it.  Also, please stop focusing on one storyline and then pretending it never happened for 6 weeks until you decide to focus on it again.  It’s breaking up the character consistency.
  • I wish we could leave Tiger Woods alone.  But we won’t.  We have a vicious cycle when it comes to the nature of celebrity.  It’s like that couple that crashed the White House party or Bubble Boy or even the Gosselins.  We don’t want to give them their 15 minutes but we can’t help it and so we talk about the time about how we hate talking about them and about how they’re all media ho’s … but then by talking about them, we’ve now granted them their wish.  D’oh.
  • Also sending love out to The Soup on E!, Bones on FOX, and Tabatha’s Salon Takeover. 
  • Have you seen the wedding blog yet?  Just checking. 🙂
  • Is it just me, or is everyone having trouble with maintaining personal space lately?  On the train, multiple times at the gym, walking to South Station…
  • Grammy nominees announced tonight!
  • Also tonight: the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Center.  I’ve already decorated the house for the holidays (and even received 2 Christmas cards!).  I’m really ready for the season this year.
  • While I love you, too, social networks, sometimes nothing fixes a bad mood better than a nice conversation with an old friend.

Holidays are almost here.  What’s on your wish list this year?

From the movie "Holiday Inn" - *love* that film!