Yesterday I added to my ongoing collection of CDs-to-replace-my-old-favorite-well-worn-cassettes.  I picked up a copy of TLC’s “Ooooh … on the TLC Tip” at Newbury Comics in downtown Boston.  This was an album that helped shape and form my early, early teens, and it kicked off my appreciation for female musicians with attitude & early 90s hip-hop.  Did you know that the album came out 18 (!) years ago?!  Man, does music change. 

 There’s been SO much coverage of 2009 reflections and looking back at the 00’s (or the naughts, or the decade of Y2K…).  And there’s been a lot of coverage of music and the music industry over the past few 10 years, which I love.  So I wanted to share some of the recent cool stories I’ve seen – enjoy!

If the 2000’s could sing:
“I don’t know where I’m goin’
Now that I am gone
I hope the wind that’s blowin’
Helps me carry on
Turn on your radio, baby
Listen to my song….
Turn on your record player
Listen to my song
Turn on your night light baby
Baby I’m gone…”

-Harry Nilsson, “Turn On Your Radio”