Many of you know of the saga of the wedding shoes.  You know of my obsession with Christian Louboutins and my determination to get a pair for May 15th (the big day).  You know how I was scouring eBay for months looking for a pair, constantly refreshing Neiman Marcus’s sale page to keep an eye on the ones on clearance, trolling the web for leaks on the next sample sale in NYC.  And most of you know how when I finally found a pair, they were fakes, there were tons of fradulent claims, I had to get a new credit card, fight with Mastercard and eBay and PayPal to get my money back … and how it left me broken-hearted and frustrated.

Out of that disappoinment came my concession that it just wasn’t going to happen.  I resigned myself to that fact and by now have moved on.  I know that someday in my life I will own a pair … just not now.

I decided to take the money I would be putting towards the Louboutins and put it towards a fantastic pair that I would find elsewhere.  I would walk into DSW and for once, not look at prices, but the shoes themselves.

Last weekend I went hunting with my MOH (and fabulous sister) Cordie in NY.  We hunted around Century21 on Long Island and found a stunning $250 pair of silver designer heels, just not in my size.  We scoured Luv My Shoes in Carle Place, we window shopped in Union Square.  But we came up empty.

Today I took the chance again at DSW in Stoughton, MA.  I gave myself plenty of time and went in with an open mind.  And determination to walk out of there with a pair of shoes.  I saw a few pairs I liked, went over to TJ Maxx to keep searching, realized I had made up my mind, and went back to DSW.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce that after months of searching,

Even better – I have found not one, but TWO pairs.

Yup, two pairs.  They are completely different – couldn’t be any more different, in fact – but both express ME.  And they’re both pairs I’ll wear again.  One pair is a little subtler, a little more vintage, match my dress and are nice enough to be wedding shoes without LOOKING LIKE wedding shoes.  The other pair, my “something blue,” are fun.  Different than regular bridal shoes, quirky, they stand out, and they scream “I’m here to have fun.”  Both speak to my personality and are examples of who I want to be as I take my first steps into marriage and into the next stage of my life with my honey.

Pictures are below (sorry for the low-res, they’re straight from my cell phone).  Thanks to the ladies of the bridal party for weighing in at the eleventh hour, too.

Some girls get two wedding dreses.  I get two pairs of wedding shoes.  And I couldn’t be happier about it.

My "something blues" on the left and vintage-style ones on the right

Caparros "Elope"

Mix No. 6 "M-Onyx"