I haven’t done one of these in a while but they’re fun to do every so often – thinking of fun things puts me in a good mood.  I used to do these all the time on my MySpace blog (“Mom, what’s a MySpace?” will be the new “What’s an album?” question) … So here’s a list for 2010!

Faves of the moment (in no particular order):

I love Boston in the springtime! 🙂

• The fact that I’m writing this post on a BlackBerry…while riding on a train!
• My wedding is in 53 days!
• Free pastry day yesterday at Starbucks
• Glee is coming back next month
• I have the most awesomest bridesmaids ever
• Hearing a song come up on my iPod and then imagining everyone dancing to it at the wedding
• 90s Fridays in me and Meg’s office!
• 5ive’s “All Around” (still one of my all time fave feel-good songs)
• Wearing flip flops for the first time again
• New season of Saving Grace this summer
• Checking things off the bridal checklist
• Max and Dylan’s in downtown Boston
• My coworkers when we’re all beyond stressed and get into that end of day silly mode. It’s good to laugh with the people you spend most of your time with 🙂
• So many friends who got engaged and had babies so far this year
• Hearing Teddy Geiger while sitting at a bar, drinking a glass of Prosecco and sitting next to a window opened onto a bright spring day.  It’s like I’m 25 all over again.
• When the summer concert venues finally release their summer schedules!
• Getting RSVP postcards in the mail
• Afternoon snack of oranges and a handful of mixed nuts
• The new Saturday hip hop abs class at the gym. I miss my girl Marissa but you can’t beat a high intensity aerobics workout that includes “Humpty Dance” and “Plane to PR” in the same set.
• Sliced salami
• Ecco in East Boston
• Catching up with old friends on the phone (especially those who allow you to keep them on speakerphone so you can keep cutting out rehearsal dinner invites, lol)
• I am getting to marry my best friend and soulmate in front of our closest friends and family in less than 3 months
• When the episode of Glenn Beck is over so we can go back to everything else on the DVR, lol
• Finding an old favorite album I only have on cassette in the used CD sale bin at Newbury Comics
• Getting a pedicure
• The new Liberty of London line at Target
• Two and a Half Men
• My blue wedding shoes. I cannot wait til after the wedding so I can wear them out of the house, haha!
• Long text message conversations with Kate
• Sunshine!!
• Ricky Martin’s “Drop It On Me” (featuring Daddy Yankee)

What are some things making YOU smile this week?



Easter is this Sunday, April 23, and it’s not too late to plan a party!  Whether you want to celebrate Easter, or the arrival of spring, or just want an excuse for hosting a gala, here are some theme ideas to help you throw the event of the year:

March-ing and Spring-ing Into Party Planning, Part II-B
Easter Party Themes:

  • (Playboy) Bunny Bash: When you think Easter, you think bunnies, and what bunnies are more iconic than the Playboy ladies?  Have guests come dressed as Playboy bunnies.  Purchase large pom-poms and safety pins so you have spare “tails” available.  Guys can come as Hugh Hefner in their bathrobes and slippers if they don’t want to wear a bunny suit.  Rent episodes of Girls Next Door and play for inspiration. 
  • Easter Cooking and Baking Themes:
    • Easter cookies – Pick up Pillsbury sugar cookies with Easter designs and pink frosting for a baking party
    • Chocolate lollipops – Buy chocolate lollipop molds from iParty or a craft store, sticks, and dark and white baking chocolate pieces.  Melt the chocolate according to the directions on the package, and use a few drops of red or yellow food dye to color the white chocolate pink or yellow (or both!).  Pair with wine for a fun twist on the typical wine and chocolate gatherings.
    • Easter egg dyeing – Hard boil white eggs and host some friends over for Sunday brunch to decorate them.  Use crayons to decorate before dyeing the eggs.  You can find ingredients and fun decorating suggestions here.
  • Rebirth of YOU!: One of the reasons Easter is celebrated is to acknowledge the rebirth of Jesus.  But what about your own rebirth?  Nothing says spring cleaning like a makeover.  Stock up on makeup samples from Macy’s and sale products from CVS and host a makeover bash.  Go to a spa with a few friends.  Or throw a standard party and have wigs, masks and eyeglasses of all shapes and colors for guests to try on.
  • Easter Egg Hunt: Purchase cheap, plastic eggs and host an egg hunt!  Be creative – fill the eggs with candies, nips, fortunes pulled from fortune cookies, coins, rolled up dollar bills, little plastic prizes from iParty . . .
  • Funny Bunny: Host a bunny-themed movie marathon.  Suggestions?  “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” “Alice in Wonderland,” “Donnie Darko,” “Harvey,” “Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit,” “Watership Down,” “Velveteen Rabbit,” and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.”
  • April Fool’s: It’s a little early for April Fool’s Day, but then maybe therein lies the prank.  Hire an X-Rated hypnotist to entertain your party.  Or a kids’ magician, but on the stipulation that he must pull a rabbit out of a hat.
  • Spring (But Don’t) Break: Go for anything and everything springy and bouncy.  Set out Slinkys and miniature trampolines for guests to play with (or rent a large one if you have a big yard).  Prepare foods like spring rolls and curly fries, and adorn drinks with curly straws.  Play ska music (bouncy tunes), Bruce Springsteen, and theme-friendly songs like Vanessa Carlton’s “Spring Street,” Tori Amos’ “Spring Haze,” or Nina Simone’s “Another Spring.”
  • Surprise Egg Drop Contest: If you’re looking for a totally different idea, throw an egg drop contest but don’t tell your guests about it until they arrive.  Ask them to bring 5 – 10 items they own but don’t want anymore, such as empty cereal boxes, mismatched socks, old textbooks, etc. (and have tape on hand to help them out).  Break them into teams of two to build creative holders for a raw egg.  Pick a high spot like a ledge, top of the fridge, or table, and take turns dropping the contraptions onto the ground.  Whichever holder keeps the egg from breaking is the winner!  Give out chocolate bunnies or Peeps for prizes.

I hope these ideas help you throw the ultimate party.  But remember the golden rule of parties – a great party is best defined by its guests.  If you’ve got the right mix of people, you can turn any event into the highlight of the (spring) season.  Happy hosting!