It’s August, and nothing says summertime like baseball.  Or,  more specifically, Red Sox baseball.  So how about getting to take in a Red Sox game in the summertime – for free!

Yes, I’m giving away a PAIR of tickets to see the BOSTON RED SOX on Monday, September 6th at 7:10 pm against the Tampa Bay Rays at the historic FENWAY PARK in BOSTON!!!  If you’ve never seen a game at Fenway Park, it’s truly remarkable.  I grew up a Mets fan, and loved taking in games at (the old) Shea Stadium, but seeing a game at Fenway Park….you can just feel the history there.  Plus – the tickets are absolutely free!

The game is during Labor Day weekend.  I hate Labor Day because it marks the unofficial end of summer, but I love Labor Day because of all the “top songs of the summer” countdowns.  There’s nothing like hearing a song and instantly being brought back to happy memories of the summer.

In the comments section below, list your favorite song of the summer of 2010, both artist and title.  I want to know: when the Labor Day countdowns start in a few weeks, what tune will you be happiest to hear?

1. You can only enter ONCE – so make it count!
2. HOWEVER, you can get a bonus entry for including a summer memory linked to that song in your comment.
“My favorite song of the summer of 2010 is Gyptian’s ‘Hold Yuh.'” =
1 entry
“It’s my favorite because I first heard it on our honeymoon in Jamaica in late May, and when I’m driving home from the gym on a warm summer evening with the windows down and I hear the song on the radio, I’m instantly reminded of the fun memories of our honeymoon” =
Bonus entry
3. Please include your email in your entry.  It won’t appear in the comment – but I need it to contact you if you’re the winner!

Post your entries by 9 pm EST on TUESDAY, AUGUST 24th.  One winner will be picked at random and announced on Wednesday, August 25th.

Good luck!


I love music, and I also enjoy going to concerts.  I’ve been actively attending shows for over a decade; there was a time in my life when I was going twice a week!  (Ah, the beauty of being a teenager within 45 minutes of New York City.) 

Getting tickets was an exciting experience, too.  I loved going to the Ticketmaster counter at the Tower Records at my local mall and watching them print out those little green pieces of paper declaring, “Smashing Pumpkins live at Nassau Coliseum!” or “Jones Beach presents No Doubt!”.  It was like a Willy Wonka golden ticket.

But now, the thrill is gone.  Getting a ticket for a show is just slightly less painful then getting three root canals by an unlicensed dentist in a dark alley in the snow.  Seriously.  Tower Records is now defunct and trying to find where to buy a ticket in person is like a bad game of Where’s Waldo.  You would think buying a ticket online is easy, but oh no, not at all!  I understand the need to protect against identify theft and scalpers, but it’s at the point where it’s not even worth trying.

I recently tried to get tickets for a Vanessa Carlton show in Boston that was apparently sold out.  Annoyed by how frustrating the experience was, I wrote an open letter to Ticketmaster:

Dear Ticket “Monster”,

If a show is sold out, can you please just say “Sold Out”?  Is it really necessary to keep my hopes up and make me go through the entire process of selecting tickets, then typing in your stupid word codes which are never real words and always look like other words so I have to try again, like 40000 times, and then have to wait for the scroll thing saying “Don’t you dare click refresh or you will lose your tickets and/or die”, only to land on a page that tells me, “Sorry, tickets are not available at that option.  Why don’t you try entering other options, you stupidhead?”  Hmm, if you don’t have 1 ticket available at “Best Price Available” in “Any Section”, then it’s probably worth a shot that it’s Sold.  Out.

Yes, you can still provide a link to your alternative site that pretends to have extra available tickets at double the price.  That’s fine.  But put it on the first page, not the last one after I go through that painstaking, soul-sucking process of finding out you don’t have actually have tickets.

Next time, I am buying them from a scalper.  At least I know it will take less than 14000 hours to get the tickets in my hands, and I won’t have to pay a “venue fee” (by the way, I’m onto your little scam that behind that – out of the additional $10 you suck from every ticket I buy, $5 is going in your pocket, and $5 is going to the people that change the sign that shows the name of the venue since every single one feels the needs to change its name at least once a month.  Maybe if we stopped paying that fee, the names would mysteriously stay the same and you wouldn’t be such a ticket-hoarding giant anymore…).

A long-time concert-goer/Victim of Ticket“Leecher”

So I apologize for my bitter tone, but I felt it had to be said.  Have you experienced similar frustrations with Ticketmaster?