My colleague Chris shared this interesting post.  Funny now – and it may even be funnier in 10 years.  Enjoy!  HAPPY FRIDAY!!


‘New York Times’ Bans the Word ‘Tweet’

by Choire posted @8:42 AM

Phil Corbett, the latest standards editor at the Times (maybe the greatest job in the world?), has issued a proclamation! Yesterday, the following memo went out, asking writers to abstain from the invented past-tense and other weird iterations of the magical noun-verb “Twitter.” His case isn’t terrible, actually—and he offers this terrifying vision: “Someday, ‘tweet’ may be as common as ‘e-mail.'” Oh dear. Well, read for yourself and decide.

How About “Chirp”?

Some social-media fans may disagree, but outside of ornithological contexts, “tweet” has not yet achieved the status of standard English. And standard English is what we should use in news articles.

Except for special effect, we try to avoid colloquialisms, neologisms and jargon. And “tweet” — as a noun or a verb, referring to messages on Twitter — is all three. Yet it has appeared 18 times in articles in the past month, in a range of sections.

Of course, new technology terms sprout and spread faster than ever. And we don’t want to seem paleolithic. But we favor established usage and ordinary words over the latest jargon or buzzwords.

One test is to ask yourself whether people outside of a target group regularly employ the terms in question. Many people use Twitter, but many don’t; my guess is that few in the latter group routinely refer to “tweets” or “tweeting.” Someday, “tweet” may be as common as “e-mail.” Or another service may elbow Twitter aside next year, and “tweet” may fade into oblivion. (Of course, it doesn’t help that the word itself seems so inherently silly.)

“Tweet” may be acceptable occasionally for special effect. But let’s look for deft, English alternatives: use Twitter, post to or on Twitter, write on Twitter, a Twitter message, a Twitter update. Or, once you’ve established that Twitter is the medium, simply use “say” or “write.”

Make of it what you will. But, my quibble? I cannot believe he takes that horrible turn in the last sentence! No one “says” anything on Twitter! That’s pollution of the language. One either WRITES or one SAYS. I will never accept the argument that these words are interchangeable!

(nerd alert) These are so cool!


Alex Beam of the Boston Globe published an article in yesterday’s paper about the uselessness of Twitter.  I don’t know the backstory behind that assignment.  I wish I did.  As an avid Twitter user, it would help me understand better where he was coming from so I could react appropriately.

However, without that background, I was saddened by his quick brush-off of a medium that is pushing consumer journalism into a new era at a rapid pace.  (Or maybe that was his goal – to maintain print journalism’s relevancy by brushing off Twitter as a fad for teens.) 

I was also highly amused by his reflection that only teens use the site – at 27, I feel like one of the youngest users on the social network!

Sooz had a great post summing up the article on her blog – be sure to check it out.

See what Twitterverse has to say about it.  What’s your reaction to the article?

Book stack

The internet is the new library.  You’ll find reading material about everything and anything you can imagine, and it’s free. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the classic brick and mortar library.  I think it is incredible that you can walk into a library and you can borrow any book you want.  For free!  However, the library isn’t open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Luckily (unless you are still dialing up the old modem) you can still read new materials at any hour, on any day, online.

I am constantly amazed and excited when I find another book lover like myself.  Reading has always been on the back burner of cool, regarded as a nerdy activity most enjoyed by four-eyed geeks who wear socks with sandals and run from social interaction.  Therefore, it’s been almost a secret addiction of mine.  However, over the years, I’ve learned that in reality, the majority of the population loves reading.  And none of these people fit the nerd stereotype.  In fact, they’re pretty darn cool.  I just found out tonight that one of my fantastic co-workers, Anna, is a fellow book lover.  Anna and I even discussed starting a book exchange in our office with Charlotte, another reader/co-worker.  This was inspired by my friend Jennie, who already has a book exchange set up at work.  Book lovers, rejoice – you are not alone!

Okay, so it’s late.  The library is closed, and you just finished the last hardcover from the stack of new books next to your bed.  You’re looking for something online to read.  Websites and blogs can offer fresh reading material, and I’ve got a few suggestions. 

If you check out my blogroll to the right, you’ll see some of my own personal favorites.  You can also check out my Delicious page, which links to articles, pages and websites I’ve bookmarked as worthy of sharing with others as I’ve come across them. 

Here are some other favorites that I’ve been enjoying recently:

  • Friday Playdate – Mommy blogger Susan Wagner writes about life, shoes & booze.  She’s a funny woman and a really cool person.  Yes, she’s in my blogroll, too.  But I had to point her out here, too.  Even if you’re not a Mom, you will enjoy her writing.  She also writes for Parent Dish.
  • E! Online – The Soup! – I absolutely love this show.  It makes me laugh out loud every single week, guaranteed.  The blog is almost as good, but at least it fills my craving until a new episode. 
  • New Brahmin – Also in my blogroll but worthy of extra promoting.  My co-worker Lindsey’s roommate and her friends blog about fashion, shopping and style in Boston.  A must read for Boston area ladies, but enjoyable by everyone.
  • Sarah Lacy – She is a BusinessWeek blogger who also is an active member of the social media world and provides some entertaining and intriguing insight.
  • Yahoo! Buzz Log – A new service by Yahoo!, which basically is an interesting summary of what’s hot on the Web.  The links within the page are cool and the writing is easy to understand.
  • Word Wise – Edelman and PR professional in Chicago who writes about, well, words.  If you’re a fan of Lynne Truss, you’ll love his writing, too.
  • Chowhound – Want to see what local foodies are chatting about in your town?  Check out this bulletin board out of  Fascinating and funny discussions abound!
  • Alltop – Fairly new blog aggregate site from social media influencer Guy Kawasaki.  Basically, pick the topic you want to read about, and it provides some of the top blogs, with links to recent posts.  Hours of entertainment!

This is just a small smattering of what’s out there.  If you search deep enough you can find E-books as well (do a Google search – it’s amazing what you’ll find), which are brief online publications shared typically for free and normally in a PDF format.  There’s news sites, communities, bulletin boards, and more.  Go exploring! 

And interact, too!  The web is wonderful because it is a world of give and take.  Post comments on blogs, start an account on Facebook and add friends and post on their wall, start your own blog, or join the Twitter conversations.  Start your own Delicious or Digg or StumbleUpon or Clipmarks account and share your favorite sites, too.  Add RSS feeds (the little orange square with the white stripes you see on websites) to your Google Reader, which will update once a new post is up.  (Shameless plug: add my site, too!)

You’ll be surprised what you can find or accomplish with a little turn of a page, whether it’s paper or electronic.  What are some of your favorite things to read online?

Inspired by the March Madness frenzy currently going on, I thought it would be fun to think about some of the top four items in my life.  So, in no particular order, here is a little peek into what’s making me laugh, cry, ponder, dance, and smile. 

My Top Four:

Magazines I’m Currently Reading:

  1. US Weekly
  2. Boston Magazine
  3. Architecture Boston
  4. Self

Exciting Upcoming Events:

  1. The Carnival cruise/Harris-MacMillan wedding in May
  2. Our company spring outing (trivia night!)
  3. Unexpected day off on Patriots’ Day
  4. Chelsea Handler reading from her new book at Borders, Downtown Crossing

Negative Things About Taking the Commuter Rail:

  1. The people that walk so slow they’re going backwards on the platform when we arrive at South Station (seriously, people, some of us have places to be!)
  2. The ever-unpredictable schedule, and I use the term “schedule” lightly
  3. The insanely high cost of the monthly ticket
  4. The fact that the trains never pull full into South Station so you have to walk a mile to get to or from the train.  It’s not like there’s not enough track . . .

Books I’m Reading:

  1. New Product Launch, by Joan Schneider [disclaimer: yes, she is my boss, but it’s a really interesting book regardless of that fact]
  2. Meatball Sundae: Is Your Marketing Out of Sync?, by Seth Godin
  3. Savannah Blues, Mary Kay Andrews (ok, I actually just finished it today, but I loved it so much I had to share!)
  4. The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova (taking me forever; I just can’t get attached to it)

Shows I’m Loving:

  1. Unhitched
  2. The Biggest Loser (only because it is incredibly inspiring to watch while on the treadmill at the gym!)
  3. The Soup
  4. Bones

Things That Made Me Laugh Recently:

  1. Jeff Pulver’s inspiring speech about socializing at the Pulver/Person Social Media Breakfast this morning
  2. Friday’s episode of The Soup
  3. Me and Mark’s attempt to de-smoke-ify our apartment after I attempted to make turkey burgers (*note – I didn’t burn it, as that may suggest; we just found out the hard way that there is not much ventilation for the kitchen in our condo)
  4. Abby trying to sit in the rocking chair at Melyssa’s house this weekend

Albums I Can’t Wait to Get:

  1. Madonna’s Hard Candy
  2. Gavin DeGraw’s self titled new album
  3. Moby’s Last Night
  4. Ashlee Simpson’s Bittersweet World

New Favorite Sites:

  4. (not necessarily new, but man, if you ever watched The Brendan Leonard show on ABC Family, you will appreciate how long it took me to find the silly Top 10 lists)

What I’m Looking Forward to On the Cruise:

  1. Reading a book by the pool
  2. “Going to Miami . . .”
  3. Aerobics classes on the boat
  4. Witnessing Jennie and Tim tie the knot, especially so soon after Jo and Darrell

What are some of your Top Four right now?